Jul 09 2011

Episode 10 – Gamification (Part 3) – Introducing Gabe Zichermann



In this episode we discuss Gabe Zichermann, the book “Game-Based Marketing”, and some of the talks he’s given on the issue of gamification.

Show notes:

Bumper music:
Music from “Doom, e1m1” (Episode 1, Map 1) by Robert Prince

Gabe Zichermann:

Game-Based Marketing:

Robert Swanwick’s review of Game-Based Marketing:

Bartle’s taxonomy of gamer types:

Zichermann’s TEDxYouth talk:

Cracked.com’s 5 most popular safety laws that don’t work:

Zichermann’s Google Tech talk:

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  1. Adam

    I’m really enjoying these podcasts. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  2. Swan

    Not sure I said the book “sucks”, but you are right that it could have been better from my perspective. The problem with any publication is that it often has to pander to the lowest common denominator in order to have the widest target market possible.

    For those of us who are beyond the “intro” stage to a topic, publications can easily fall flat.

    Thanks for taking the time to put together your thoughts. Lots of work to do a podcast. Appreciate the effort. Perhaps there should be a twitter chat for gamification. See http://bit.ly/ChatSched for more info on all the twitter chats.


    1. Syd

      Thanks for clarifying your position, Swan. I truly appreciate the feedback. 😀

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